event planning

"There simply arent enough words or a high enough recommendation I can give to Eventfully Unique...having a wedding coordinator should be on the TOP of any brides list of must haves!!!! As a bride , one of the most nerve wracking things is wondering if this "Vision" you have in your head will come to fruition...will it look as you imagined especially If you spend months planning, creating, building, hot glue gunning things together and on that day to have someone who can take your vision and implement takes such a burden away from the bride so she can stay calm and enjoy friends and family and thats exactly what Amie has done for me...my heart was so full to walk into my venue and see my dream wedding complete and exactly how I pictured! She not only brought my vision to life but she and her team made sure I had no worries the entire evening, they made sure I was burdened free and I was able to enjoy every blessed moment..Are you getting married soon??? If so do NOT make the mistake of skipping having a coordinator , stop what you are doing, pick up the phone and call Eventfully Unique today !!! Thank you Amie for all you have done my day was magical!!!! Every Vendor, Dj, photographers, caterers , videographers..all of them said it was one of if not the best put together and beautiful weddings they've been to!"

-Jennifer Low-Stoner, bride

"I had Amie put together a basket to give away for an event that we were doing in Loveland, I had told her to make it simple but yet something that has to do with being able to use in a home since I am in real estate and she put her creativity and made an amazing basket that everyone loved and definitely wanted to win! I loved how she was able to make such a great basket and do what I was thinking that needed to be in the basket and make it happen! I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs an extra hand and they don't have the time to put something together!"

-Melissa Harris

 Great gal, AMAZING ideas and services!!! You will not be disappointed!!!"

-Kimberly Ann