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"It's been almost a week since my wedding and I still have so many compliments coming in of how beautiful a wedding it was and what a great time everyone had! I couldn't have pulled it off without Amie at Eventfully Unique...She brought my vision and hard work and months of planning to fruition in such a beautiful way! And my entire event was seamless..there is nothing more wonderful than for a bride to not have to worry about the details and to let go and allow a team like Amies to just get things done while we get to do things like enjoy family and friends celebrating! I can't give her enough praise for the job she did , hiring her will be the wisest investment you make in your special day!" 

~ Jennifer Low-Stoner

"I had Amie put together a basket to give away for an event that we were doing in Loveland, I had told her to make it simple but yet something that has to do with being able to use in a home since I am in real estate and she put her creativity and made an amazing basket that everyone loved and definitely wanted to win! I loved how she was able to make such a great basket and do what I was thinking that needed to be in the basket and make it happen! I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs an extra hand and they don't have the time to put something together!" 

~ Melissa Harris

"If you are looking for an amazing wedding planner, I highly recommend Amie with Eventfully Unique. All my life I envisioned how I wanted my wedding to be. The day finally came where I got engaged and got to sit down and start planning. I was completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start or what to do. I was soon consumed with anxiety and decided to do some research to see what my options were for someone to help me with all the planning. I never thought I would be able to have a wedding planner, because I thought they would be millions and millions of dollars. Then one day I remembered a previous wedding I had been to that I absolutely fell in love with, and I knew she had a wedding planner. So I contacted my friend to get the name of the planner and it happened to be Amie. I reached out to her and she set up a face to face consultation and it was then that I immediately knew that I was in good hands. Amie and I spoke all throughout the process and she was able to ground me and help calm my nerves when needed and lift my spirits and get me excited about the process as well. Amie makes herself readily available to you and in my opinion goes above and beyond to help you in every way possible. She was truly a godsend to me during my wedding planning process and was extremely affordable. She listened to exactly what I wanted and helped me find resources for vendors, helped me come up with ideas when I felt stuck and offered her expertise. I trusted Amie wholeheartedly and told her the day of the wedding if she saw something that I did that just wasn’t coming together to do her thing and make it look good! I never had any doubts or worries. I got so many compliments from my guests at who smoothly the ceremony and reception went, and that was all because of Amie. She takes pride in her work, has absolutely amazing customer service and is truly one of kind. I not only met an awesome wedding planner, but I also made an amazing friend. If you want someone that is very personable and truly listens and makes your event all about YOU, I would go with Amie!!"

~ Kelsie Wooldridge

"Amie helped me plan a special event for law enforcement wives. Since I was the only one hosting and I am on a tight budget I needed to keep my costs low. She found me an amazing place for the event. It was located in a conference center of a hotel for free! She also helped me coordinate decorations for the tables. It was beautiful! I plan on using her again for future planned events. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!" 

~ Vanessa Wagner

"Working with Amy this spring season has been such a blessing! Having someone to take my vision for my clients closing gifts and bring them to fruition, and handling the delivery peice as well has freed up so much of my time for buyer showings and listing properties..however my client care is so important to me that having someone like Aimee as part of the team just brings that much more of the unique experience we want our clients at JLOWHOMES to experience! And the clients love her!" 

~ Jennifer Low

"Great gal, AMAZING ideas and services!!! You will not be disappointed!!!" 

~ Kimberly Ann

"I'm a Realtor in Northern Colorado and Amie puts together quite a bit of my closing gifts, and everytime my clients are very impressed with the them. She goes above and beyond and really creates what you are truly looking for. I will continue to use her and refer her out to anyone I come across!"

~ Jessica Harris Chappell

"Amie put together 5 beautiful fall baskets for me to give out to as just "thank yous". They were perfect."

~ Eric Meiers

"The most beautiful, creative and unique gift baskets I’ve ever seen. I’m astounded at the thoughtfulness that went into them. Amie is absolutely wonderful to work with. This will be my one stop for gifts from now on. VERY highly recommended."

~ Eli Gabriella

"Amie makes the most beautiful gift baskets! I am a realtor and she made the cutest basket EVER for my clients! She is so talented and puts a lot of thought into the baskets she creates! I will use her from now on! Love her work!!"

~ Tisha Chenoweth Wernersbach

"Amie truly has a God given talent!! She absolutely did a fantastic job with my clients' Christmas baskets!! She made every single one very unique and really listened when I described each client. The baskets were beautiful and it was so fun dropping them off and seeing how my clients reacted to them. Thank you so much Amie! I look forward to working with you in the future!"

~ Jennifer Grim

"Amie was wonderful to work with and helped make the entry and dining room inviting and warm. Looking forward to working with her again on more home projects!"

~ Carrie Bartmann

"Amie has been putting baskets together for my clients and every one of them are unique and match my clients taste. She has provided a wealth of help to our business and provides a service that fosters creativity, beauty and above all, quality. She is priced just right AND is worth every penny!"

~ Ginny Hogan

"Amie is very detailed in her work and makes sure to create the image you had for your event or baskets for family or friends. Very professional and easy to work with."

~ Jessica Hajdu

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